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Hyperspectral Endoscopic Microscopy for Optical Biopsies

Overview: We propose to develop a miniaturized hyperspectral microscope that can be placed at the tip of a pulmonary endoscope and create real-time hyper-spectral video imaging with close to diffraction-limited resolution.

Relation to One Utah Objective: (1) Our project addresses an important social and scientific/engineering problem of fast turn-around biopsies for early-stage cancer identification. This problem requires a highly inter-disciplinary collaboration between the 3 investigators. (2) The proposed research lies at the intersection of engineering, physics, medicine and mathematics. As a result, it is a difficult proposal to be judged effectively by traditional area-specialized panels at funding agencies. Secondly, the proposed research would be considered extremely risky without preliminary data from realistic samples. However, in order to obtain this preliminary data, one needs to develop all the foundational tools (which is the purpose of this project). (3) The funding will support a recent PhD graduate as post-doctoral researcher.

Methodologies: This highly inter-disciplinary research project involves (1) nanofabrication for the DFA, (2) optical system engineering for the microscopic endoscope, (3) algorithm development for solving the underlying inverse problems, (4) machine-learning algorithms for handling large data sets, (5) comprehensive experiments with representative samples and (6) data analysis to elucidate the efficacy of the approach.


Rajesh Menon
College of Engineering
Elect & Computer Engineering
Project Owner

Fernando Guevara Vasquez
College of Science

Chakravarthy Reddy
School of Medicine
Internal Medicine

Project Info

Funded Project Amount

Hyperspectral, endoscopy, microscopy, Biopsy

Project Status
Funded 2020
Last Updated: 5/21/21