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Building a Graduate Student Pipeline for Pacific Island Students

The proposed project seeks to create pathways to graduate and professional school for Pacific Island students. Pacific Islanders have a long and rich history in Utah, and yet, are still severely underrepresented in higher education including graduate/professional school and the professoriate. At the U, they represent under half a percent of the current graduate student body. This project builds on current initiatives that seek to promote student success to transform lives through an intensive program created for current undergraduate students at the U to explore graduate programs and research across the humanities, education, and health sciences. This program will develop and transfer new knowledge that will build the pipeline of graduate students and community engaged scholarship that will have positive lasting impacts in their communities. It will also create the U as the place for Pacific Islanders to pursue their graduate and professional work and create a pipeline of researchers and faculty that will fill the gap in academic research and faculty communities.


College of Education
Education, Culture & Society
Project Owner

Nia Aitaoto
College of Health
Nutrition & Integrative Physio

College of Humanities

Project Info

Funded Project Amount

Educational Pathways, Pacific Islander, Indigenous, Graduate/Professional School, Community Engaged Scholarship

Project Status
Funded 2020
Last Updated: 1/23/20