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Funding Model

The Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Senior Vice President for Health Sciences have committed a total of $400,000 in seed funding. Colleges and units within the university also have committed funds for projects. The amount committed varies by college.

There are two sizes of awards available: Large awards of $30,000 in total funding, and small awards of $15,000 in total funding. Each award's total funding will be equally split among the colleges represented by the team members, in addition to money contributed by the senior vice presidents’ offices. For example:

Example 1

This team consists of two faculty from College 1 and one faculty from College 2.

  Large Project: $30,000 Small Project: $15,000
College 1 10,000 5,000
College 2 10,000 5,000
SVP 10,000 5,000

Example 2

This team consists of one faculty member each from College 1, College 2, and College 3.

  Large Project: $30,000 Small Project: $15,000
College 1 7,500  3,750
College 2 7,500  3,750
College 3 7,500  3,750
SVP 7,500  3,750


Participating Colleges & Units

College/Org 2023 Pledged Funding Health Sciences or
Academic Affairs
College of Architecture + Planning $5,000 Academic Affairs
College of Education (TBD) Academic Affairs
College of Engineering $200,000 Academic Affairs
College of Fine Arts $10,000 Academic Affairs
College of Health $15,000 Health Sciences
College of Humanities (TBD) Academic Affairs
College of Mines and Earth Sciences $30,000 Academic Affairs
College of Nursing $20,000 Health Sciences
College of Pharmacy $15,000 Health Sciences
College of Science $100,000 Academic Affairs
College of Social and Behavioral Science $20,000 Academic Affairs
College of Social Work $15,000 Academic Affairs
David Eccles School of Business (TBD) Academic Affairs
Eccles Health Sciences Library $5000 Health Sciences
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) $5000 Health Sciences
Honors College $10,000 Academic Affairs
Marriott Library $5000 Academic Affairs
Natural History Museum of Utah $5,000 Academic Affairs
S.J. Quinney College of Law $15,000 Academic Affairs
School of Cultural and Social Transformation $5000 Academic Affairs
School of Dentistry $5,000 Health Sciences
School of Medicine $50,000 Health Sciences
Vice President of Research (TBD) Academic Affairs
Last Updated: 2/2/23