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The 2020 round of 1U4U funding is complete

Thank you to all who submitted a project! Those who were selected for funding will be notified via email.

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As part of the One U for Utah Initiative—1U4U—we’ve created a program designed to seed faculty collaborations in areas of mutual research interest and opportunity. 

Each project must include three faculty members from at least two different colleges and must include both academic affairs and health sciences. Each project must consist of new work and a new team--and not be based on a previously shared external award.

The initiative seeks projects aimed at campus, education, engagement, research and scholarship.

The goal is to stimulate collaborations, supported by joint incentive seed funding from the senior vice presidents (health sciences and academic affairs) and associated deans and administrative units, aimed at these objectives: 



Cultivate One U partnerships across campus and within our communities


Enable innovative, collaborative education and training



Address social and scientific/engineering problems too deep and complex to be solved by any single discipline


Stimulate early, high-risk approaches that would not attract support from traditional government or foundation funding sources


Engage young researchers and scholars in multidisciplinary partnerships


Facilitate discussion and collaboration among scholars interested in the same challenges who might not meet otherwise


The distinguishing element of the 1U4U Initiative is rapid distribution of seed funding to grassroots, multi-disciplinary faculty/student teams to initiate innovative projects that are not subject to traditional peer review.

Last Updated: 2/3/20