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Creating sustainable pathways for Utah Native Americans toward health careers

We propose a partnership between the American Indian Resource Center (AIRC), the Honors College (HC), and School of Medicine (SOM) to build a sustainable pathway program for Utah American Indian students to study at the U. This new partnership builds on programs already underway in the three units (AIRC Native pathway program, HC Integrated Minor in Human Rights & Resources, and SOM on the Navajo reservation). Specifically, funds would allow us to create an on-site engagement experience on the UU campus for up to 10 sophomores/junior high school students during the summers of 2023 and 2024. This program would serve as a pilot to provide preliminary data/evidence for a future grant from federal granting agencies (e.g., Health Resources & Services Administration, Department of Health & Human Services, Department of Education, Bureau of Indian Affairs, etc.) and foundations. While on campus students will be oriented to college life, engage in hands-on health-related activities (e.g., anatomy labs, clinical exposure, ropes course, etc.) and hear from dynamic and diverse health practitioners in an interactive environment. This would represent the first integrated effort to connect AIRC, HC and the SOM in a pathway program that connects high school students, undergraduates and medical students with opportunities for learning at the U.


College of Social and Behavioral Science
Project Owner

School of Medicine
Pediatric Administration

Samantha Eldridge
American Indian Resource Center

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health, health careers, American Indians, Native Americans, First Peoples

Project Status
Funded 2023
Last Updated: 9/1/21