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Design Thinking as a Process for Healthcare Innovation | engaging cross-disciplinary collaboration through design and development

We propose to develop a cross-discipline health design training program for students who are interested in digital health applications. This curriculum will combine graduate students from the Departments of Biomedical and undergraduate students from the Multi-Disciplinary Design program. This cross-listed course will also be offered as an elective to medical students and other students across campus.

We hypothesize that applying best practices in digital product innovation (i.e., Human-Centered Design, iterative prototyping, and development) will equip teams to solve opportunities in clinical system usability. To do this, we will modify an existing graduate practicum offered in Biomedical Informatics by presenting new models for investigation that apply human emotions and needs to scientific, logical systems. This course will be co-taught by faculty in Design and Biomedical Informatics. Students enrolled from each department will be encouraged to share their unique perspectives and approaches.


College of Architecture + Planning
School of Architecture
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School of Medicine
Biomedical Informatics

School of Medicine
Biomedical Informatics, Internal Medicine

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design thinking, healthcare, innovation, mobile applications, digital technology development, curriculum, transdisciplinary, immersion

Project Status
Funded 2020
Last Updated: 1/23/20