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Holly Godsey

Associate Professor (Lecturer)
College of Mines and Earth Sciences
Geology & Geophysics

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Building a branch from UPSTEM to the HSC: co-creating infrastructure and skills to increase student diversity and success in our health professional schools

An unmet goal of the U’s health professional programs, including the schools of medicine and dentistry, is to educate diverse cohorts of students who reflect our local and regional communities. To address this longstanding challenge we propose crea...


Janet Lindsley (Project Owner)School of Medicine, Biochemistry
Paloma CarielloSchool of Medicine, Internal Medicine
Jordan GertonCollege of Science, Physics and Astronomy
Holly GodseyCollege of Mines and Earth Sciences, Geology & Geophysics
Winifred Hobson-RohrerSchool of Medicine, Pediatrics
Wyatt HumeSchool of Dentistry, School of Dentistry
Sara LambSchool of Medicine, Internal Medicine
Boyd RichardsSchool of Medicine, Pediatrics
Status: Funded 2020
Last Updated: 12/7/22