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Kerry Kelly

Associate Professor
College of Engineering
Chemical Engineering

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Understanding the Role of Combustion Particle Pollution and Upper Airway Disease In Utah

The project will be a new-cross campus partnership between the CoE (Dr. Kelly, ChE, PhD, PE), CofM (Dr. Jeremiah Alt, Surgery, Division of Otolaryngology MD, PhD), and CofPh/CoE (Dr. Hamid Ghandehari, Pharmaceutics/Bioengineering, PhD). This team wil...


Kerry Kelly (Project Owner)College of Engineering, Chemical Engineering
Jeremiah AltSchool of Medicine, Department of Surgery, Division of Otolaryngology
Hamidreza GhandehariCollege of Pharmacy, Pharm & PharmaceuticalChemstry
Status: Funded 2020
Last Updated: 12/7/22