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Kathleen Franchek-Roa

Associate Professor (Clinical)
School of Medicine

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Gender-Based Violence Consortium

Gender-based violence (GBV) is understood as violence that results in physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering, based on a person’s gender, where coercion, or arbitrary deprivations of freedom occurs in public or private life. Gender is ...


Annie Fukushima (Project Owner)School of Cultural and Social Transformation, Ethnic Studies
Yoshimi AnzaiSchool of Medicine, Radiology & Imaging Sciences
Kathleen Franchek-RoaSchool of Medicine, Pediatrics
Leslie HalpernSchool of Dentistry, School of Dentistry
Antoinette LaskeySchool of Medicine, Pediatrics
Richard MedinaCollege of Social and Behavioral Science, Geography
Heather MeltonCollege of Social and Behavioral Science, Sociology
Jessie RichardsDavid Eccles School of Business, Management
Sonia SalariCollege of Social and Behavioral Science, Family And Consumer Studies
Status: Funded 2020
Last Updated: 12/7/22