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Elaine Clark

College of Education
Educational Psychology

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Brain Injury Alliance of Utah and University of Utah Educational Conference on Brain Injury: Focus on the Mind Body Connection in Recovery

The goal of this application is to support an educational and outreach activity, an educational conference for providers, survivors, and family members of brain injury. The conference will be a forum for community engagement and education and will ...


Candace Floyd (Project Owner)School of Medicine, Division of Physical Med/Rehab
Elaine ClarkCollege of Education, Educational Psychology
Jeremy DavisSchool of Medicine, Division of Physical Med/Rehab
Summer RolinSchool of Medicine, Division of Physical Med/Rehab
Yana SuchyCollege of Social and Behavioral Science, Psychology
Elisabeth WildeSchool of Medicine, Neurology
Status: Funded 2020
Last Updated: 12/7/22