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Grzegorz Bulaj

Associate Professor
College of Pharmacy
Medicinal Chemistry

Bioscience Program
College of Pharmacy

To mitigate limitations of pharmaceutical drugs (e.g. non-adherence, drug-resistance, adverse effects, affordability) for epilepsy, pain, depression or cancer, our research is focused on creating digital therapeutics (mobile medical apps). Digital therapeutics are mobile apps which receive the FDA regulatory status of “software as a medical device” to treat specific disorders. To improve therapy outcomes, mobile medical apps can be combined with pharmaceutical drugs yielding drug-device combination products. The long-term goal of our research is to develop drug-device combination therapies which target chronic diseases at both pharmacological and behavioral levels.


Music-Based, Personalized Digital Therapy for People with Epilepsy

In this cross-disciplinary project, we propose to create a precision digital therapy by integrating expertise in music, mobile health, and atmospheric sciences. Neurological effects of music are recognized as a means to improve treatments for refract...


Michael Chikinda (Project Owner)College of Fine Arts, School of Music
Grzegorz BulajCollege of Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry
Adam KochanskiCollege of Mines and Earth Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences
Status: Funded 2020
Last Updated: 12/7/22