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Associate Professor (Clinical)
School of Medicine
Infectious Disease

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Transformation Tools: interdisciplinary resources to guide DEI learning in professional and academic communities

Dialogue around diversity equity and inclusion can be sensitive and lead to divisiveness; yet avoiding these conversations impedes trust, growth, and innovation. While the University supports these values, it is difficult to translate them into staf...


QUANG-TUYEN NGUYEN (Project Owner)School of Medicine, Pediatric Administration
PALOMA CARIELLOSchool of Medicine, Infectious Disease
JORIE COLBERT-GETZSchool of Medicine, General Internal Medicine
Amy FultonEDI, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
RACHEL GRIFFINCollege of Humanities, Communication
APRIL MOHANTYSchool of Medicine, Division of Epidemiology
JOSE RODRIGUEZSchool of Medicine, DFPM-Administration
Status: Funded 2023
Last Updated: 5/21/21