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Cheryl Pirozzi

Assistant Professor (Clinical)
School of Medicine
Internal Medicine

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Climate Change – An Expression of Sounds, Visuals, Words and Science. A symposium and performances where music, visual art, poetry and science presents the urgency of climate justice in a new and innovative light to give clarity of action to the defining issue of our generation.

The proposed project is an attempt to bring together artists, educators and scientists in an informed discussion and expression about climate change and its effects in Utah and beyond. The collaboration is intended to culminate in events at the Utah...


Hasse Borup (Project Owner)College of Fine Arts, School of Music
Katharine ColesCollege of Humanities, English
Julia CorbettCollege of Humanities, Communication
Elisabet Curbelo GonzálezCollege of Fine Arts, School of Music
Timothy LeeNatural History Museum of Utah, Natural History Museum of Utah
John LinCollege of Mines and Earth Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences
Robert PaineSchool of Medicine, Internal Medicine
Cheryl PirozziSchool of Medicine, Internal Medicine
Wendy WischerCollege of Fine Arts, Art/Art History
Status: Funded 2020
Last Updated: 12/7/22